3-03. Registering a PasswordPocket Account and Master Key

  1. When using PasswordPocket for the first time, the PasswordPocket extension page will guide the user to create an account and set up the master key.
  2. On the creation page, fill in the account information and master key,then re-enter the master key. Finally, check the agreement to complete the setup.
  • Account: Primarily used to identify the user of the PasswordPocket device.
  • Master Key:The most crucial string in encryption technology, must be at least 8 characters long, and is required for re-login or data restoration on PasswordPocket.

If you click the "Log out" button on the browser extension, you will need to enter the account information and master key for that specific PasswordPocket device when logging back in.

If the master key is lost, it will be impossible to unlock any data stored on the device. Please ensure to securely keep this account and master key information.

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