Product Manual

Quick Start

Preparation before use

Install a CR2032 battery for the device and put back the battery cover.

If a battery is already installed in the device, please remove the plastic insulating sheet placed under the battery. (Please open the battery cover to check.)


Get Started on Mobile Device
  1. Download and install “Pocket” App.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone. (Your PasswordPocket cannot connect to your smartphone using the built-in Bluetooth search function on your smartphone. Please follow the instructions in the “Pocket” App.)
  3. Open “Pocket” App on your phone, you will see the countdown mode for device pairing. 
  4. Turn on your PasswordPocket by pressing and holding the button, until the indicator light starts flashing rapidly, indicating that it is ready to pair with your mobile phone or tablet.
  5. Once your PasswordPocket and your phone are successfully paired, you can set up your master key. (Your master key cannot be recovered if it is lost, please take good care of it.)
  6. Go to “Pocket” App and follow the instructions to turn on the password auto-fill function for your mobile device.
  7. Save your usernames, passwords and sensitive information on PasswordPocket and enjoy seamless login. (You may also import external credentials you stored in browsers or other password managers.)

For more information, please read the instructions below:

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Product Feature Guide Video

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  • Auto Fill Feature         
  • No Internet Connection
  • Military Grade Encryption   
  • Phishing Website Detection
  • Password Generator
  • Encrypted Notebooks

For more questions, please refer to PasswordPocket FAQ

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