2-13. Read-only Mode

Read-only mode pre-configuration:

Step 1 - Open the Pocket application and ensure successful connection between the PasswordPocket device and your mobile device.

Step 2 - Click on "Setting" > "Read-only mode"

Step 3 - Choose any unlocking method and follow the instructions to enter the master key or use biometric authentication.

Step 4 - The Read-only mode will be activated.

*Each mobile device, when using the Read-only mode for the first time with the PasswordPocket device, must enable the "Read-only mode" feature in the Pocket application.*



Using Read-only mode:

Open the Pocket application and click on the "Switch to read-only mode" option.
After unlocking, you will enter the Read-only mode.

In Read-only mode:

  • You do not need to connect the PasswordPocket device to access the data stored in it.
  • You can use the autofill feature with usernames and passwords.
  • You can back up your data.

    Please note:

    * In Read-only mode, you cannot edit, add (including import and restore), or delete data.


    * If you want to "disable" the Read-only mode, you need to reconnect the PasswordPocket device and enable the Read-only mode feature again to use it.

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