Elevate Your Password Security

End Cloud Risk

No need for internet connection, your important data is completely protected offline.

Make Data Unbreakable

Shield your vault data with multi-encryption and exclusive algorithms, ensuring complete protection during storage and transfer.

Complete Password Control

Keep your data confidential, accessible only to you. Unlock your encrypted vault exclusively with your personal set master password.

Trusted by 10,000+ Users

Todd Wu

I used to keep my important passwords in a personal notebook. For less important ones, I relied on Google Password Manager for convenience. But now, I am pleased to have discovered this tiny device, which securely houses all my passwords and carries the device with me wherever I go.

Philipp Haenel

This device is absolutely one of the best things I have ever come across! I really love it a lot, because if you're somebody like me and you always forget your password, this is something that definitely will help you in the long run! 


This password keeper combines convenience with top-notch security features. It can store up to 1000 credentials, ensuring that you have all your essential passwords in one place. This is not just any password manager; it's designed for offline use, which means your sensitive data remains safe from online threats.

Kwan-i Lee

The device provides great cyber security with a much lower price compares to other onlinesolutions such as LastPass. It's lightweight and easy to carry. Overall it's a pretty good product for the people who are willing to put extra effort to safeguard the important data.

Everything at Your Fingertips

Easy Setup, No More Typing

Set up PasswordPocket once and say goodbye to typing your login details. Enjoy auto-fill whenever you need it!

Why Choose PasswordPocket

  • One-time purchase
  • 100% Offline / No hacking trail
  • Encrypted notebook
  • Phishing website detection
  • Build-in password generator
Breaches happen every day, it's time to protect yourself with an offline password manager.

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