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What’s PasswordPocket?

PasswordPocket is a Bluetooth-enabled portable password manager designed to securely store user account credentials and sensitive information. By connecting it to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth, you can effortlessly achieve automatic password filling, effectively solving the problem of easily forgetting passwords.

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Equipment Appearance

PasswordPocket is a compact and lightweight device with a hook located in the top left corner, making it easy for users to carry. There is a green indicator light in the top right corner that flashes slowly when the device is powered on, indicating that it is functioning properly. In the center, there is a main button that can be short-pressed to switch between sleep and wake modes, and long-pressed to enter pairing mode for user operation.

On the back, in the bottom left corner, there is a battery cover that can be slid downward to open. Inside, you can insert a CR2032 battery into the battery compartment for power. In the top right corner of the battery compartment, there is a reset hole. You can use a small pointed object to press and hold the reset button for three seconds to reset the device.

* If the battery is already installed in the device at the time of purchase, please remember to remove the plastic insulation film placed under the battery.

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Product Feature Guide Video

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  • Auto Fill Feature         
  • No Internet Connection
  • Military Grade Encryption   
  • Phishing Website Detection
  • Password Generator
  • Encrypted Notebooks

For more questions, please refer to PasswordPocket FAQ

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