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The real Taiwan-developed physical password manager with thousands of account secrets can be taken away without worrying about forgetting the password!

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Let PasswordPocket manage all your passwords, you only need to remember a master key. There is no connection to the Internet. With military-grade encryption to protect your privacy!

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【PasswordPocket Password Memory Artifact】
Liberate your brain!
Give you the safest and most convenient login option!

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PasswordPocket connect device via Bluetooth, don't need to connect with internet, you will never forget your password or enter your account password by hand! Nowadays, everything can be done on the mobile phone and computer. Every website and APP has a different account password to enter, and it is really easy to forget!

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Physical password manager
Say goodbye to thousands of account password
Never worry about forgetting passwords
Use it without internet
Military Grade Encryption
Light-weight, Durable, Easy to Carry
Made & Developed in Taiwan

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The first physical password manager "PasswordPocket"! No need to connect to the Internet, not afraid of hackers stealing account passwords. I believe that there must be many people who suffer from frequent forgetting of passwords and have to reset new passwords repeatedly, but they don’t know how to fix it.

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Safe and easy password management! I tried using Password Pocket!
You want to secure confidential information and password management. I want the strongest lock device, not just digital management. Seeing is believing, take a look at this photo.

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The account password of each important information must be different to be at ease, but too many passwords can’t be remembered, what should I do? The PasswordPocket can HELP! It's small and easy to carry, and can be used wirelessly without connecting to the Internet.